About the Patient Participation Group

Hundreds of stories are hitting the headlines at the moment about the sweeping changes taking place in NHS and some of them will affect you! “Patient Power” - giving patients the power to help shape their own care - is at the very heart of the change.
Hadlow Medical Centre has formed a group called “The Patient Participation Group”  whose aim is to give support to the Practice doctors and improve communication between them and their patients.

Who are we?

The group is made up of representatives from the 3000 patients who attend the surgery and members of the Practice Team. We work together for the good of the Medical Centre but we are not a doctor’s fan club nor are we a moaner’s corner.
Our strength is that we know what it is like to be a patient ourselves so we can aim to truly be your voice, signpost care, and flag up your worries and concerns. We can spread the word about all the many supplementary services available and support special health campaigns. All of us can work together towards a healthier life style.  

What have we achieved so far?

We have set up a second hand bookstall as part of a project to improve the waiting area.  Watch out for some other changes!  We are planning a PPG newsletter and are working with the practice on a more relevant Patient Survey which will help to measure patients satisfaction - or otherwise. Some of our members have attended meetings to work with other PPGs and West Kent Health Group. We are also planning future events which should be of interest to all patients.


Our PPG has one big advantage. The Hadlow Medical Centre already enjoys a good reputation with patients and the locality so we have a good foundation on which to build. 

Remember- Your views and your experiences can influence change, so your  voice should be heard!  “Have your say - it will make a difference!”

Contact details: Carol Markwick, our Chairman on telephone: 01732 850413